Earth Retention

Consistently provide ground reinforcement and strengthening

DBM is a recognized industry leader in developing and implementing soil nail and ground anchor technology.Soil nailing is a cost effective method of providing earth retention structures for support of deep excavations, slopes, bridge abutments and roadways. Soil nails are primarily used to reinforce and strengthen the existing ground by installing closely spaced steel bars secured by grouting. This technique creates a composite reinforced soil mass stable enough to retain the ground on a temporary or permanent basis.

Ground anchors differ from soil nails in that they are posttensioned structural elements, installed and pressure grouted in soil and rock to transmit an applied tensile load into the ground. Typical applications include anchored earth retention to stabilize excavations and slopes, resisting vertical uplift forces generated by hydrostatic, seismic and overturning forces. Commonly used in both temporary and permanent applications, ground anchors can provide significant cost savings over more conventional mass concrete structure alternatives.

DBM’s vast experience in design/build soil nailed and anchored earth structures has resulted in the successful construction of hundreds of specialty geotechnical projects including:

  • Earth Retention
  • Excavation Support
  • Slope Stabilization
  • Dam Anchorage
  • Bridge/Equipment/Building Tiedowns

Cost-saving technologies providing lasting solutions

We give our clients the best value engineering by applying the latest technology and considering both constructability and cost. As a primary designer and builder of temporary and permanent earth retention systems, DBM is constantly applying new and advanced techniques as well as designing and manufacturing custom drilling equipment when conventional equipment use is impractical.

Earth Retention services and capabilities include:

  • Soldier Pile and Lagging Systems
  • Rock and Soil Tieback Anchors
  • Soil Nailing
  • Piling Systems
  • Micropile Stabilization
  • Structural and Architectural Shotcrete
  • Slurry Diaphragm Walls
  • Underpinning
  • Drainage Control Systems
  • Secant Pile Walls and Rings
  • Internally Braced Systems